Vacuum technology in food production.
100% Reliable. 100% Vacuum.

When looking for vacuum equipment you can rely on look no further than Leybold.  With over 170 years of proven vacuum technology experience, we are able of offer a complete range of vacuum solutions and service which perfectly match the needs of customers across the food processing and packaging sectors. 

Whether looking for a single pump, complete pumping system or maintenance of your existing installation, contact our UK team today who will guide you through our products and and give you a fresh new look at vacuum.

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CASE STUDIES: Leybold in Action

Read some of our customer case studies and find out how we have worked with our customers to drive process improvements and bring value. 

Rovagnati S.p.A.Case Study Rovaganati

​Pioneering dry vacuum technology keeps Food Packaging and Processing lines running at all times!

Being one of the Italian leaders in production of fine cured meat and cooked ham, Rovagnati S.p.A. trust in Leybold vacuum solutions for their production processes from tumbling and mixing to final packaging.

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Case Study Mondini
G. Mondini

​Leybold and G. Mondini, a joint solution!

G. Mondini and Leybold worked together  for 18 months, and both sides are extremely satisfied.

Discover how our DRYVAC pump can help to overcome possible vacuum related problems while switching from MAP to skin packaging.

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VIDEOS: Expert Interviews

How can vacuum improve the freshness of food?

What are the challenges in designing a vacuum pump for food?



When it comes to vacuum for food processing and packaging you can rely on Leybold as your expert partner.  If you have questions or require more information please complete form below and one of our local experts will get in touch! 

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