The world’s best vacuum pumps deserve the best maintenance and repair team.

Leybold's Health Check PRO service offers a possibility for detecting failures at an early stage.  This helps prevent a pump from breakdown resulting in production loss and contributes to lower operating costs.

To ensure the utmost functionality of your vacuum equipment and to prevent cost-intensive downtime, request a Leybold Health Check PRO service onsite at your facility. We'll come to you, on your terms, and during your preferred date and time. Because even the best vacuum pumps deserve a check-up. 

Using experienced observation and the latest advances in vibration analytic we can:

  • Detect failures before a pump breaks down
  • Prevent downtime of stressed pumps operating in harsh environments
  • Evaluate maintenance requirements based on a pump's condition 
  • Monitor and analyze a pump's condition in order to customize service activities. Especially helpful for new pumps or after periods without use

If you are interested in the measurement service, please contact us

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