Part I: Freeze Drying Principles

When: On Demand, Anytime!

Join our in-house industrial vacuum expert Gene Ligman for Part I of a 3-part mini-series as he provides key insights into how a deeper understanding of your existing freeze drying equipment can make all the difference. 

You will walk away from this webinar having learned:

  • The impact vacuum has on quality and speed in freeze drying
  • Why freeze dryers work the way they do
  • The curious and tricky relationship between vacuum and condenser (ice bank)
  • The physics that drives the freeze drying process explained in plain language
  • How much heat goes into your product, and how much heat goes into your condenser
  • Why having a better understanding of your freeze drying equipment is critical to performance

Part I On Demand

Part II: Vacuum Pumps for Freeze Drying

When: On Demand, Anytime!

We welcome back our in-house industrial vacuum expert Gene Ligman for Part II of our 3-part mini-series as he goes in-depth on the vacuum equipment used in freeze drying.

You will leave this webinar learning about: 

  • Comparisons among different types of vacuum pump technologies
  • Challenges faced by vacuum pumps of different types
  • Vacuum pump performance and how it affects your top and bottom line
  • Proper sizing of vacuum pumps for your chamber and your product
  • New vacuum pumping technology 

and much more...

Part II On Demand

Part III: Endpoint detection

When: On Demand, Anytime!

Learn from our in-house leak detection expert, Mike Ridenour as he shares with you what he has learned in his 40 years of vacuum and leak detection experience. 

Enhance your existing endpoint and leak detection knowledge and understand: 

  • Industry standards and techniques for endpoint detection
  • Vacuum sensor technology used in endpoint detection
  • How to compare data to determine endpoint detection
  • Why is endpoint detection important
  • How to optimize your vacuum system performance using Helium leak detection

Part III On Demand

About our Speaker:


Gene Ligman is an engineer with a passion for vacuum applications and equipment. He started his engineering career over 30 years ago in the nuclear power industry where he was first introduced to the utility of vacuum in steam systems and some basic vacuum generating equipment. In the mid 1990’s, he joined Edwards Vacuum where his knowledge of vacuum applications and equipment expanded exponentially.

Having a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on vapor physics has propelled him to become one of the primary resources in applications where phase change creates complexities above and beyond the normal complexities of vacuum applications.

Now with Leybold USA, Gene is a Sales Development Manager for Leybold’s largest and most industrial vacuum generating equipment. He trains the US organization in key insights about how the right vacuum equipment can radically improve the productivity and profitability of vacuum using factories. These insights, along with his passion for vapor physics makes him a leading authority in vacuum system design for cannabis processing facilities.