For a long time, the piston pump had been the best value, the price was reasonable, and the durability was excellent. But we live in a world of evolving technology where modern manufacturing can change the value balance significantly. Case in point, Leybold has recently launched several new pumps that you will likely find compelling because you can now get the following pump upgrades effectively for free:

    1. Wet to dry. Upgrade your oil-sealed roughing pumps to dry screw pumps. If you are not aware of the enormous benefits you get from this upgrade, please watch this
    2. Shaft seal free blowers: Upgrade your blowers to eliminate shaft seals (by far the most common reason for repairs) while gaining big performance boosts.
    3. Smart diffusion pumps:  Leybold DIJ diffusion pumps deliver 30% or more power savings while delivering outstanding performance.

If your piston pump is getting old and repairs are needed more often and cost more, you will likely consider replacing it with a new pump. In such a case, it might be time for you to consider whether the piston pump is the best choice as the new replacement pump. If it is the blower, it is even more important to consider your alternatives for replacement.

How do you upgrade at no additional cost?

There are three simple ways that are possible in many regions of the US.

  1. Get the dry pump, upgrade blower, or upgrade diffusion pump for an equivalent price to a legacy pump's replacement cost. You then have a choice, stay with the same outdated pumping technology or get modern equipment. No extra cost, so the upgrade is virtually free.

  2. Buy new equipment to replace your existing equipment even when it does not yet need to be replaced, but use the Leybold corporate finance option, a lease-purchase agreement. In this case, the money you save in repair, oil cost, disposal cost, and power consumption exceeds the payment amount. This option most often results in positive net cash flow from the very first month.

  3. The third way to capitalize on your upgrade is to get the local energy trust involved. Energy trusts grant a rebate against your equipment's purchase price based on how much electrical power consumption is reduced. These rebates can be as high as 25% to 30% of the new equipment's purchase price. In the case of the $25K diffusion pump, the energy trust could send you a check for $6K to $8K. If you are already facing a replacement cost, then the new DIJ diffusion pump will cost less than the same in-kind replacement. If you are looking for a way to reduce power consumption, then the energy trust rebate will make the equipment financing option even more compelling or keep your capital costs as low as possible.

See how much you can save...

Does an upgrade still seem out of reach? Contact us to walk through a detailed cost of ownership model to see how much you can gain by making a switch.