The Do's and Don'ts of Vacuum Leak Testing and Detection...

The Leybold Vacuum Academy presents:

Webinar: The Do's and Don'ts of Leak Testing and Detection

When:  On-Demand - Any time! 

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Don't let your research be at risk due to a leaky vacuum chamber!


Join our in-house leak detection expert, Mike Ridenour as he shares with you what he has learned in his 37 years of vacuum and leak detection experience. 

This webinar has been created specifically for those in the research field and will focus on leak testing techniques in the research laboratory environment...and much more! 


You will walk away from this webinar having learned: 

  • What is leak testing?
  • Reasons for leak testing 
  • The advantage of using Helium as a tracer gas for leak testing 
  • How to select the proper leak testing methods based on product or system usage (Outside in, Inside out, and Sniffing) 
  • Basic rules for leak detection calibration and test leaks 
  • Influences of Helium background 
  • Best practices for Leak Detector service and maintenance 
  • And most importantly... Common errors when leak testing! 

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