Webinar: Improving Your Production Output Through Wet to Dry Vacuum Conversions - Sponsored by the Leybold Vacuum Academy 

Time: Anytime!

Summary: "Dry technology" is a term that gets thrown around in the vacuum world quite a bit. But, what does that mean? And, how can that benefit your process? 

Please join our in-house industrial vacuum expert Gene Ligman as he explores what a transition to oil-free vacuum technology could look like for you. You'll get a better understanding of how new vacuum pump technology can help your company make more money with your existing equipment if:

  • Your production machinery waits for vacuum to start a process step

  • You change oil more frequently than twice per year

  • You have planned or unplanned downtime due to vacuum equipment issues

  • You spend a great deal on energy for your vacuum equipment

About our speaker:

Gene Ligman is an engineer with a passion for vacuum applications and equipment. He started his engineering career over 30 years ago in the nuclear power industry where he was first introduced to the utility of vacuum in steam systems and some basic vacuum generating equipment. In the mid 1990’s, he joined Edwards Vacuum where his knowledge of vacuum applications and equipment expanded exponentially.

Having a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on vapor physics has propelled him to become one of the primary resources in applications where phase change creates complexities above and beyond the normal complexities of vacuum applications. 

gene ligman headshotNow with Leybold USA, Gene is a Sales Development Manager for Leybold’s largest and most industrial vacuum generating equipment. He trains the US organization in key insights about how the right vacuum equipment can radically improve the productivity and profitability of vacuum using factories. These insights, along with his passion for vapor physics makes him a leading authority in vacuum system design for cannabis processing facilities.