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    By Leybold On October 14, 2019

    We are Leybold

    For 168 years, Leybold has been pioneering the development of vacuum technologies. Our extensive product line truly touches...
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    We sat down with Leybold cryo product expert Joshua Miller to find out what makes vacuum technology so important to space...
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      Diffusion pump oil is boiled into a vapor in the boiler section of the pump (see figure 1) and accelerated to sonic speed...
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    As across-the-board production and food packaging costs rise and new regulations take hold, it can be difficult to hone in on...
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    Spacecrafts can spring leaks for any number of reasons. Unmonitored leaks can lead to rapid temperature changes and threaten...
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    There are currently a wide variety of rough vacuum pumps available to suit a variety of applications. For decades, oil-sealed...
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    Vacuum pumps are a vital piece of equipment in a wide variety of industrial and laboratory processes. Just like any other...
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    Don’t Buy a New Furnace! Buying a new furnace can be exciting and daunting. It can give your facility the capability to go...
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